Thursday, December 27, 2007

Review of July - December 2007

JULY - The Crittenden family pool was opened for the season.....

4th of July was spent with great friends in Independence, OR. It was a great fireworks display again, right along the river!

Then we spent a wonderfully long weekend with the Harter family in Pacific City. All the kids, dogs, and adults had a great time!

August - was a very busy month, we also had a great visit from Aaron's brother and family from Las Vegas.

Aaron and Karen (SIL) celebrated their birthdays (cake fight happened)

I attend the Oregon Jamboree with Angie ( we saw Jo Dee Messina (pictured), Trisha Yearwood, Dierks Bentley, Neal McCoy, Arron Tippin, Bucky Covington, Lorrie Morgan, Hal Ketchum, Steve Holy and more) we had great seat and the weather was wonderful.

I also attended my 20th high school reunion. Hmmm. not sure what to say about it. Some had changed, some still had not. It was great to see people, catch up on old friends, and see what is going on.

SEPTEMBER - Woo hoo, school starts again. Savannah moved to North Albany middle school, 6th grade had a rough (emotional) start, but is now doing great! Dominick is in the 4th grade at Clover Ridge still and loves it!

Savannah got her first 4 braces on, and is excited to have straight teeth in the future.

Aaron hurt his back and had to have back surgery also this month (once again he would not let me take pictures), and my mom flew out from Arizona to help me with just a days notice. I could not of made it through this time without her and my in-laws also. They were wonderful, helping transport the kids, and Aaron to dr. appt's, running errands, etc. It was a LONG couple of months,with physical therapy and many dr. appt's but he is finally doing great!
OCTOBER - What a busy month...... Savannah had her first band concert (she plays the Oboe)

We went to the pumpkin patch, and carved pumpkins.

Soccer and gymnastics seasons both started up again.
School pictures came back...........(not sure where Dominick's scan is (I will get working on that)

NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving was held at our house. A small affair with just Aaron's family and our friends The Harter's. But was a great day!

December - Oh where do we start.......what a busy crazy month (and its really not even over yet) Savannah has her winter band concert.

Dominick also had a Winter program, but when you send a man to take pictures you might as well not even send the camera. The pictures were horrible, blurry and unrecognizable. :(

Storybook land and seeing Santa (An annual tradition with Gma & Gpa Fish)

Let's see...........what else happened........oh ya Christmas tree hunting, decorating, and Christmas itself, but I will stave those for another post.....when I get the pictures uploaded. :)

Review of January - June 2007

This is a small sampling of the Crittenden life of 2007....

January - Aaron hurt his knee at the end of 2006, so he had surgery to repair his torn meniscus. Recovery was slow, but the surgery was sucessful. Sorry no pictures, he would not let me take any. I tried though.

February - Savannah competed in a very large meet in Newport, Oregon. It was her first meet as a level 6 gymanst. She did very well!
March - Savannah turns 11, had a terrific party at the local skating rink with her friends. Aaron spent spring break home taking the kids around the valley to different parks, and fishing at Detroit Lake.
I attend the Rascall Flatts concert in Portland with my dear friend Mandy. We had a blast!!

April - Dominick started basketball at the Boy's and Girl's club (first time evey playing), and loved it! Easter was spent at the Grandma & Granpa Fish's house. Even a little rain did not stop them from hunting eggs.
MAY - Brough the end of basketball and the beginning of Spring soccer.

JUNE - A happy birthday for me, .Savannah's graduation for 5th grade, and the end of the school year for both Dominick and Savannah

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Copied from my sis......

1. IF YOU HAVE A REGULAR SCHEDULE, WHAT IS IT? I get up at 5:30 every weekday. First I make the kids lunches, pick up the house a bit, wake up Savannah around 6am, and then get into the shower around 6:15am. The first daycare kids start coming around 6:45am, and it continues with 7 buses coming and going all day until 6pm when the last daycare child leaves.
I drive car pool on Wednesdays (Tuesdays instead starting in January) and we leave about 3:30pm to drive to Salem-Keizer to the gym, we leave there around 8pm, drop the girls off and are home by 9pm. I am so glad I only have to do this once a week. Most evenings are filled with errands, school events, homework, or hanging outwith the family.

2. DIETARY RESTRICTIONS (VEGAN/VEGETARIAN/CELIAC ETC): None, other than avoiding a lot of sugar stuff and trying to stick to whole grains, etc. Should be more though I am sure of it!

3. FOODS YOU HATE: Liver (and other internal organs), brussel sprouts, dry wine, food that touches other food, mushrooms, actually most vegetables that are cooked. The list could go on and on and on…… I will admit it….. I AM A PICKY EATER!


5. ARE YOU COMFORTABLE BEING LEFT ON YOUR OWN WITH NEW PEOPLE? Yes, as long as they're nice. If they treat me like an outsider, then, no, probably not (Who would be?)

6. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES YOU LIKE: Seeing movies in the theatre, going out to eat, potluck dinners, going to the beach, playing card or board games, going to the kids sporting events. Oh and shopping a lot!

7. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES YOU DON'T LIKE: Sports or physical challenges when people take them seriously, rather than just using them as an excuse to hang out and have fun. Going to parties where there is stupid levels of drinking going on, nude hottubbing/hanging out (or illegal activities) but I can’t say that I have been invited to any of these in MANY years. We just don’t hang out with people that do things like this.

1.FREE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY: Letters/cards in the mail, hanging out with family and friends, being with my kids/husband/pets, when Aaron lets me sleep in late on the weekends, snow.

2. CHEAP, SMALL THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY: Fresh flowers, candles, SoBe Lean (Cranberry-Grapefruit), emails from friends without stupid jokes, phone calls.

3. MEDIUM-SIZE THINGS THAT YOU WANT: My car detailed. Gift certificates for pedicures and massages, Fiestaware accessories, Americana stuff for the tops of my kitchen cabinets.

4. BIG THINGS THAT YOU WANT: The interior of my house repainted (NOT WHITE again), my baseboards and molding removed and replaced with Oak, a truck for Aaron, a vacation to New Hampshire to see the Stack family, who we have not see in almost 3 years, to loose 75 lbs.

5. DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING: No, I hate clutter, and knickknacks.

6. WHAT SMELLS DO YOU LIKE? Perfumes: Beautiful, and Romance,.
Smells: Vanilla, fruity smells in the summer time, cinnamon and pine in the winter months.


8. WHAT COLORS DO YOU LIKE TO WEAR? Black, white, red….but usually a solid color that just catches my eye. Rarely wear prints. Trying to get out of the habit but it is hard to break.

9. CLOTHING SIZE: Please don’t my me clothes, I am so picky!

10. GOOD PLACES TO GET YOU GIFT CERTIFICATES TO: 14th Ave Spa, Nordstroms, the Heritage Mall, Old Navy, and the outlet mall, Walmart (believe it or not), Target, Kohls.

11. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS YOU ALREADY HAVE: People, Martha Stewart Living, US Weekly, Consumer Reports.


13. NOT SO GOOD GIFTS: Knick-knacky stuff, clothing, junk… I have enough I don’t need more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas questions...

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping paper. I'm a freak about it too... I want it to all coordinate. When Christmas arrives and people show up and put their gifts under the tree wrapped with things that match mine, I hide the gifts they bring in the back.

2. Real trees or Artificial? Real tree ONLY!! We do live in Oregon ya know.

3. When do you put up the tree? Usually the weekend after Dominick’s birthday (12/3). This year, probably this weekend.

4. When do you take the tree down? The day after Christmas usually, because of the daycare, and the amount of space that our huge tree takes up.

5. Do you like eggnog? No, yuck! Hot chocolate with peppermint creamer sure!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? My blue 10-speed bike, sitting in the front room when I opened the door after going to see my Aunt/Uncle. I was so surprised!!

7. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes, but it has not been up in years, we don’t have much flat table space.

8. Hardest person to buy for? Aaron's brother, Shawn or Aaron’s father, Dean. If they want anything, they could just go and buy it without worrying about the cost. Problem is, they just don't want anything or won’t give me any hints!

9. Easiest person to buy for? My kids hands down!! Maybe its because I spend so much time with them though.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail. Usually picture cards from Costco.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Nothing stands out..

12. Favorite Christmas movie? Miracle on 34th Street.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Whenever I find something I know someone will love. Problem is, if I buy too early, I miss the thrill of shopping and spend way more money than I should!

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? No, that’s tacky!

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Homemade sugar cookies or Aaron’s special chex mix.

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Clear ONLY!

17. Favorite Christmas song? Any, I have tons of Christmas CD’s and listen to them nonstop all season. But none of the parodies ones, they stink!

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Most years we do Christmas Eve at our house, and Christmas day at The Crittenden house.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? Yes.

20. Angel on the treetop or a star? Depends on the colors: Silver = star, Gold = Angel

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Our own little family of four opens on Christmas morning, and then in the early afternoon we go to the Crittenden and open theirs there!

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Unhappy clerks, or trying to find a parking spot.

23. Favorite Christmas ornament? The ones that Aaron’s mother gets for the kids every year.

24. Favorite thing for Christmas dinner? Depends on what Dean decides to cook, but it is usually Prime rib or Lobster.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What are you thankful for? Here is a few things I am thankful for......

The love of my life, my soul partner, and husband of 17 years, Aaron.

My beautiful & precious daughter, Savannah Danielle.

My handsome & funny son, Dominick Mitchell

My wonderful parents (though they live to far away) they are the best!

My In-laws, who have NEVER treated me like a daughter in law, and always like a daughter.

My fathers health, he gave us a big scare this year, but all is looking up.

My mother for flying out a a moments notice when I needed her.

My sister, though we are miles apart, we talk frequently (thank god for computers and IM's) and I know she loves me though we lead very differnt lifes.

My best friend Angie, who is there no matter when I need her, and lets me spoil Meghan like she is my own.

My best friend Amanda, who is a blast, straight forward and always makes me laugh.

That Aaron's finally feeling better from his surgies/injuries this past year (it has been a rough one for him)

That both my children do great in school, have wonderful friends, and a solid head on their shoulders (at least so far).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh, what a week...

Monday was a holiday, no school, but Savannah came down with the flu and stayed home on Tuesday also. It is just too hard to pick her up if she is sick with Aaron working in Corvallis, and me home with the daycare kids. She missed gym for the first time because she was sick. And was worried all day about her homework and catchingup.

Wednesday she felt better, went to school and gym (though did not have lots of energy at gym) and Dominck went to his friends house. Evidently Dominick and Connor were playing football in the street, in the DARK and Dominick slipped and fell. Complained his foot hurt, but not too much.

Fast forward to this morning, he wakes up and is in tears, saying his heel/ankle hurts. Wont walk on it. So I call Aaron, we decided to head to the Dr., but the Dr. is 40 minutes each way, plus Aaron coming home adds an hour total. I called a friend and she graciously watched the daycare while I ran Dominick to Urgent Care. 2 hours later (which is better darn good for UC) we come out this a splint, sprained ankle and pulled ligaments. No PE or recess for at least one week, but thank heavens no fractures :)

Bonus they looked at the growth plate (which has been causing him trouble for the past year or so) and it looks good, but DR said he still has lots of growing that will happen. Oh lord!! :)

Friday, November 2, 2007


My mom called on Tuesday, to let me know that my daddy was going in for an Angiogram on Thursday. Made it seem like not a huge deal, until she said he had been having some chest pains. Now most of you know that my parents live in Arizona now. I have never been thrilled that they are so far away, but this makes it even worse.

See I am the fixer in the family, and there is not a damn thing that I can do. We live to far away. No, make that those darn fools moved to far away. I have not moved more than 30 minutes from where I grew up.

Get a call last night and things did not go well. They found blockage in his heart, and tryed to insert a stint, but it would not go. So it looks like he will have by-pass surgery.

I am worried sick.........I can not say that my daddy and I are close, we dont talk often, but I know that deep down he loves me greatly and I am not ready for my kids to loose their grandfather. Sure they only see him once a year, but they know exactly who he is, and they spent lots of time with him before they moved. (Not as much as I had hoped for, considering we saw our grandparents tons growing up, but you can't make them be apart of their life if they would rather be doing other things.) But I know how it feels to loose a grandfather, and I do not want to, anytime soon, know how it feels to loose a daddy.

Please keep him in your prayers and good thoughtsif you would.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy two days!

What a week.........and it's only Tuesday.

- Got Savannah picked up early from school, and she got part of her braces put on then ran her to Sharon's work to catch car pool for gym
- Had friends over for dinner (she is having surgery in the AM, and wanted to make sure she did not have to cook or clean before she went)
- Savannah had gym until after 8pm, then had to pick her up
- A friends 18 month old spent the night

- Dominick had a mole removed, they are sending it off to check it for cancer (keep your fingers crossed)
- Dear friend Angie is having a total hysterectomy this morning (and 18 months ago with the birth of her daughter (c-section) she almost died from blood loss so that make me soooooo worried
- Savannah has her first band concert (with a very sore mouth)
- Aaron has Physical Therapy, and is not sleeping well from the nerve pain from his back surgery (hope it helps soon)
- Our close friends have been evacuated from their home in Rancho Bernando, so far all is well, no looting, but the neighborhood is a ghost town and the fires are way to close (maybe this will convince them to move back to Oregon, we miss them!)

Things have got to slow down! Too many things to worry about this week!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New job!!

Aaron has a new job, he is a "Financial Reporting Analyst" now. Still for the hospital but NO budgeting involved. WOO HOO!! This is one of the things that we have been hoping for, as he disliked, no make that hated budgeting with a passion!

Hopefully this will lessen some of the stress that he has had a work for the past couple of years, and make our home life happier also! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Try this.....per my mother...

Place X on things you've done
[X] Smoked a cigarette
[X] Drank so much you threw up X (Once was enough)
[ ] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
[ ] Been arrested
[ ] Been on a blind date
[X] Skipped school
[X] Watched someone die
[ ] Been to Canada
[X] Been to Mexico
[X] Been to Florida
[X] Been on a plane
[X] Been lost
[X] Been on the opposite side of the country
[ ] Gone to Washington, DC
[X] Swam in the ocean
[X] Felt like dying
[X] Cried yourself to sleep
[X] Played cops and robbers
[X] Recently colored with crayons
[ ] Sang karaoke
[ ] Paid for a meal with only coins
[ ] Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
[X] Made prank phone calls
[X] Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
[X] Caught a snowflake on your tongue
[ ] Danced in the rain
[X] Written a letter to Santa Claus
[X] Been kissed under the mistletoe
[X] Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
[X] Blown bubbles
[X]Made a bonfire on the beach
[ ] Crashed a party
[X] Gone ice-skating
[ ] Been skinny dipping
[ ] Gone to the movies, paid for one ticket, and then snuck into another theater tosee a different feature afterwards

1. Any nicknames? Mom

2. Mother's name? Marlyn

3. Favorite drink? Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Lite

4. Tattoos? Two

5. Body piercing? Two in each ear

6. How much do you love your job? Most days its great!

7. Birthplace? San Francisco, CA

8. Favorite vacation spot? Beach

9. Ever been to Africa? No

10.Ever eaten cookies for dinner? No

11. Ever been on TV? Yes, in the audience (front row) on the Price is Right, and AM Northwest when I was a Princess

12. Ever steal any traffic signs? No

13. Ever been in a car accident? Yes

14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door

15. Favorite salad dressing? Lite Italian

16. Favorite pie? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream

17. Favorite number? 11

18. Favorite movie? Grease

19. Favorite holiday? Christmas

20. Favorite dessert? Angle Food Cake

21. Favorite food? Chicken and Pepperoni Pizza w/ Garlic Ranch sauce

22. Favorite day of the week? Sunday

23. Favorite brand of body wash? Bath & Body Works, but I like to change scents frequently

24. Favorite toothpaste? Menadent

25. Favorite smell? Fresh rain, ocean breeze, babies,

26. What do you do to relax? Read

27. Do you have a message to your friends reading this? Don't blink......

28. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Both kids in college, and Aaron & I enjoying our time together :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Random thoughts,comments, etc....

So it has been a while since I last wrote. Things have been busy around here.

Here is a few random thoughts, comments, & blurbs about the past month or so.

Aaron's surgeon is awesome! Instant relief of about 70% of the pain he had before surgery was gone instantly. It is taking a while to get his strength back after being down flat for a month. He starts Physical Therapy this morning, so he may feel like crud tomorrow.

Mother flew in from Arizona for two weeks to help out, I really appreciate all that she did.

Our kids are awesome! They have been so helpful while Aaron was not feeling well. No complaining about the extra chores, or having to have others take them places becuase I could not be in two places at once.

Our friends and family are the best! I have never had so many offers of help, foood, taking the kids here or there, keeping them overnight

Autism SUCKS!
Fall is a wonderful season! I love all the leaves changing colors, and we can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch this coming weekend.
I love my husband more now than ever! I cherish this past month, taking care of him, worrying about him, just brought us closer together!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Many thanks!

First of all if give many thanks ...

to the many good thoughts and prayers this past 48 hours!

for the many family and friends that have offered help to our family!

to Dr. Goodwin for being a great, quick acting surgeon, and the super wonderful hospital staff we encountered today!

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

Aaron is home, and feeling good, no make that almost great! He walked, yes WALKED from the car to the house, from the front door to the bedroom, and about the house a little today. Less than 24 hours after surgery! It is simply amazing how quickly he is feeling better!

My mother hopped in the car at 2am, hopped on a flight at 7am, and was here by noon to stay until the end of the month to help with the kids appts, kids sports schedules, daycare, and Aaron's appts. I dont think I could get through this with out her! Thanks mother, love ya!

Our good friend Angie took Savannah over night, and then to her first gymnastics meet of the season....I have never missed a meet. And it was really hard to miss this one. But of course she came home with not one, not two, not three, not four, but 5 medals! I am so proud of her! Way to go sis!

Another set of good friends, Bobbie & Bob took Dominick over night, and to his soccer game this afternoon. It was a great game, 2-2 tie, and D took a great hit to the head/face the 4th quarter that would make any parents cringe. Way to be strong handsome man!

Once again, thanks for great, helpful friends!! I could not of done this without them.

Friday, September 14, 2007

And we have a surgery date........

TOMORROW ( Sat. 9/15) at 8am.

Not much time to worry, not much time to plan.

Dominick has a soccer game, and Savannah has her first gymnastics meet of the season. I have been scrambling, calling friends, neighbors and such to figure out how they are getting there.

Aaron's parents are gone to the beach for their anniversary, my mother is flying in first thing tomorrow morning until the 30th to help with the kids schedules, dr apppt, and emotional support. All is a big blur!

Any good thoughts you can send our way for a smooth surgery and a fast recovery would be great!


Not such good news......

Got a call around 1pm, from the Neurosurgeon. Dont know all the details, but we have an appt at 3pm. Who on earth gets an appt with a neurosurgeon in 2 hours.........someone who really needs to be seen I guess. :(

Will let you all know what the out come is as soon as we know.

Happy thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I hate waiting....

So when the dr says it will be read ASAP, that means NOTHING!! As Aaron's MRI was on Tuesday, and as of right now they still don't have the results.

Not for my lack of trying, 3 phone calls, and a favor pulled in. Thanks Maye! But the place here he had it done has not sent the results to our dr's office yet.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a patient person. I want them, and I want them NOW!!


Monday, September 10, 2007


How come I can keep it all together until my mother calls......then the tears flow freely. She called to see how Aaron's appt went, and I started to tell her and just choked up.

FYI: Aaron has an MRI on Tuesday at 5:45pm, then it goes directly to the neorologist for reading. They are doing a rush job on the reading, so they say. Hopefully will know something Tues evening or Wed.

Then she calls back to tell me to just say the word and she is on her way here. I could not ask for a better mother! But then the tears start again. My daycare kids think I am crazy, & they ask a hundred questions about Aarn every day he is home.

Thanks for being a great mother!! I really appreciate you!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rough week....all around here

This past week has been a rough one.

Sunday - Aaron was working on the brush cutter, and came in saying his back hurt. So he took it easy all day.

Monday - Aaron's back was worse, hurt but could still walk, etc.... Savannah is starting to panic about middle school, cries from 8:30-11:30pm, begs me to stay in her bed with her, finally falls asleep around 2am, has to be up at 6am for school.

Tuesday - Kids head back to school, by this time Aaron can't sit or hardly walk. Using crutches & moving really slow. Goes to see the dr on call, he says take Vicodin and Ibuprofen, rest and it should be better in a few days. Savannah has a good day at school, but come bed time it starts again, only this time it lasts until after 3am. Plus getting up every 4 hours to give Aaron his meds......Mommy is just not used to being up in the middle of the night anymore.

Wednesday - Aaron can no longer walk at all, crawling everywhere. Pain is worse. Calls dr. and can't get in until Friday AM. Savannah has a good day at school, plus 4 hours of gymnastics. Starts to get teary at shower time but I loose all patience and tell her to get showered and calm down. Give her some Benedryl and she sleeps from 9pm - 6am. THANK HEAVENS! Only have to be up every 4 hours for Aaron's meds.

Thursday - Aaron is in pain, waiting for dr appt tomorrow am, hoping it will stop hurting soon. School is good for both kids, and no problems! WOO HOO!!

Friday - Aaron gets up, tries to get into the car to drive to the dr. but he can not sit long enough to even get all the way into the car, I call a friend to watch my daycare and take him directly to the Emergency Room (our dr is 35 minutes away, and Aaron is laying in the back of the Tahoe unbuckled, I am not getting on the highway like that) Dr says its a sciatic nerve pinched, now taking Perdinsone, and Percocet.

Saturday - Hoping that Aaron will feel better, but no luck yet.

Sunday - Aaron still is not able to walk, called dr to leave a message that I want an MRI, ASAP. Hopefully they will call back early, or at 7:30am, I will be back on the phone with them.

Please hope and pray that this ends soon. Aaron is miserable, and I am beginning to wonder how much longer we can go on this way. He is depressed about missing work, not being able to help around the house, or with the kids sports. And I am burning the candle at all ends possible.

Thanks for letting me off to give him last meds before he goes to bed.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School 2007

Today is the first day of school, both kids were excited to go, but for two totally different reasons.

Savannah, who is in 6th grade at North Albany Middle School, was excited because of the whole new experience of changing classes, having electives, meeting new friends, being at a new school.
That being said, I was not allowed to go into the school, or even get out of my car to take pictures, so ones in front of the house will have to do. Darn girl thinks she's growing up or something.

Dominick was excited for one reason, and only one reason. He got to finally wear his new shoes......silly boys!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Senior Year

In honor of the new school year, think back to your senior year of high school, and answer these questions accordingly:

1. Who was your best friend?
Aaron, but I did lots of things with Deanna, Terrie, & Debi because Aaron was in college and working full time also.

2. Did you play any sports?

3. What kind of car did you drive?
An ULGY 1982? white Ford Courier pick-up with a canopy with green windows.........awful!!

4. It’s Friday night. Where were you?
footballs game, high school dances, cruisin' the gut, on dates or hanging out with Aaron....

5. Were you a party animal?
At times

6. Were you considered a flirt

7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir?

8. Were you a nerd?

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled?

10. Can you sing the fight song?
We had one??

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
Me. Geisler (Marketing)

12. What was your school mascot?

13. Did you go to the Prom?
Yes, with Aaron

14. If you could go back, would you?

15. What do you remember most about graduation?
Not a lot, it was long, and borning.

16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?
Can't remember

17. Did you have a job your senior year?
Yep, Van's Stationers

18. Where did you go most often for lunch?
I only went to schook 1/2 days and worked 1/2 days so at lunch I went home then to work.

19. Have you gained weight since then?
Lets not talk about that........of course.

20. What did you do after high school?
College, married & two great kids.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

20yr Class Reunion

OK, first of all, there is no way that I feel like I have been out of high school for 20 years. I am just not that old. It was great to reconnect with some old friends, but it is strange to realize that even after 20 years, people still tend to hang out in "clicks", though mingling was easy and taken great, you could still tell who thought they were the cool group, the party group, the leadership group and so on..... somethings NEVER change.

Here are a few pictures from my 20 year renuion this past weekend.

Friday night mixer at Mallard Creek Golf Course

My date for the night , Sonja (Sanders) Neperud since Aaron really, really did not want to go.

Saturday night dinner at the Lebanon Elk (where all our proms, and Aaron & I's wedding were held)

Dinner table (Me, Suzi, Michelle, David, Eric, Sherry & Sonja)

Group picture, I am hoping that the professional one turns out MUCH better.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy summer.........

Ok, So I have not been very good the last month or so on getting my blog caught up. But there is only so much time in the day, and it all seems to be scheduled with things to do.

So hear is a brief outline of what has been happening since I last wrote...

Late July.......Savannah went to gymnastics camp, and did AWESOME!! The coaches thought she was a level 7 and she just turned a level 6, she learned a "half on" on the vault, and layouts on the floor, back handsprings (with a spot) on the beam, and all in all had a GREAT workout. Now her down time was not so great, her anxiety got to her (which we have not seen for almost 3 years, and thought maybe we had conquered, but I guess not) and we had some really really late night calls, but she made it through the last day. This is what happens when you send your good camera with Savannah to camp, she took 2, YES TWO, pictures they whole time. And not one of her.

Ki, Meg, Brittany & Sarah

Then Aaron's brother Mike, his wife Karen, and their children Ana & Sam came into town from Henderson, NV for a visit. We had not seen them since Sept 2005 when we met up at Disneyland.

They kids had a great time, played in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, went to The Bite of Salem, Salem Saturday market, had a birthday BBQ for Aaron and Karen, and last but not least we tried to set everyone down for a family pictures (but that many people makes it hard)

The weekend of August 3-5th, my friend Angie and I went to the Oregon Jamboree. We have been in the past and have always had a great time, this time the line up included Steve Holy, Dierks Bentley, Aaron Tippin, Trisha Yearwood, Bucky Covington, Lorrie Morgan, Neal McCoy, & Jo Dee Messina. Neal put on the BEST show, hands down! But Jo Dee played an encore that ended up being 10 songs was great!!

Then last weekend, we went camping.........well we camped. Our friends and us wanted to go camping, but did not figure it out early enough to make reservations, so we camped in our backyard. We set up tents, made a fire, had smores, and had a great weekend!

Now only 20 more days until school starts, a 20th high school reunion, registration for middle school, and one more long weekend to plans away......what will it be.....Ocean, Mountains, or something different.......we all will know as soon as Aaron can make a decision (which we all know will take days, then it will be a last minute rush to plan). Got to love him!!