Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What are you thankful for? Here is a few things I am thankful for......

The love of my life, my soul partner, and husband of 17 years, Aaron.

My beautiful & precious daughter, Savannah Danielle.

My handsome & funny son, Dominick Mitchell

My wonderful parents (though they live to far away) they are the best!

My In-laws, who have NEVER treated me like a daughter in law, and always like a daughter.

My fathers health, he gave us a big scare this year, but all is looking up.

My mother for flying out a a moments notice when I needed her.

My sister, though we are miles apart, we talk frequently (thank god for computers and IM's) and I know she loves me though we lead very differnt lifes.

My best friend Angie, who is there no matter when I need her, and lets me spoil Meghan like she is my own.

My best friend Amanda, who is a blast, straight forward and always makes me laugh.

That Aaron's finally feeling better from his surgies/injuries this past year (it has been a rough one for him)

That both my children do great in school, have wonderful friends, and a solid head on their shoulders (at least so far).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh, what a week...

Monday was a holiday, no school, but Savannah came down with the flu and stayed home on Tuesday also. It is just too hard to pick her up if she is sick with Aaron working in Corvallis, and me home with the daycare kids. She missed gym for the first time because she was sick. And was worried all day about her homework and catchingup.

Wednesday she felt better, went to school and gym (though did not have lots of energy at gym) and Dominck went to his friends house. Evidently Dominick and Connor were playing football in the street, in the DARK and Dominick slipped and fell. Complained his foot hurt, but not too much.

Fast forward to this morning, he wakes up and is in tears, saying his heel/ankle hurts. Wont walk on it. So I call Aaron, we decided to head to the Dr., but the Dr. is 40 minutes each way, plus Aaron coming home adds an hour total. I called a friend and she graciously watched the daycare while I ran Dominick to Urgent Care. 2 hours later (which is better darn good for UC) we come out this a splint, sprained ankle and pulled ligaments. No PE or recess for at least one week, but thank heavens no fractures :)

Bonus they looked at the growth plate (which has been causing him trouble for the past year or so) and it looks good, but DR said he still has lots of growing that will happen. Oh lord!! :)

Friday, November 2, 2007


My mom called on Tuesday, to let me know that my daddy was going in for an Angiogram on Thursday. Made it seem like not a huge deal, until she said he had been having some chest pains. Now most of you know that my parents live in Arizona now. I have never been thrilled that they are so far away, but this makes it even worse.

See I am the fixer in the family, and there is not a damn thing that I can do. We live to far away. No, make that those darn fools moved to far away. I have not moved more than 30 minutes from where I grew up.

Get a call last night and things did not go well. They found blockage in his heart, and tryed to insert a stint, but it would not go. So it looks like he will have by-pass surgery.

I am worried sick.........I can not say that my daddy and I are close, we dont talk often, but I know that deep down he loves me greatly and I am not ready for my kids to loose their grandfather. Sure they only see him once a year, but they know exactly who he is, and they spent lots of time with him before they moved. (Not as much as I had hoped for, considering we saw our grandparents tons growing up, but you can't make them be apart of their life if they would rather be doing other things.) But I know how it feels to loose a grandfather, and I do not want to, anytime soon, know how it feels to loose a daddy.

Please keep him in your prayers and good thoughtsif you would.