Friday, November 2, 2007


My mom called on Tuesday, to let me know that my daddy was going in for an Angiogram on Thursday. Made it seem like not a huge deal, until she said he had been having some chest pains. Now most of you know that my parents live in Arizona now. I have never been thrilled that they are so far away, but this makes it even worse.

See I am the fixer in the family, and there is not a damn thing that I can do. We live to far away. No, make that those darn fools moved to far away. I have not moved more than 30 minutes from where I grew up.

Get a call last night and things did not go well. They found blockage in his heart, and tryed to insert a stint, but it would not go. So it looks like he will have by-pass surgery.

I am worried sick.........I can not say that my daddy and I are close, we dont talk often, but I know that deep down he loves me greatly and I am not ready for my kids to loose their grandfather. Sure they only see him once a year, but they know exactly who he is, and they spent lots of time with him before they moved. (Not as much as I had hoped for, considering we saw our grandparents tons growing up, but you can't make them be apart of their life if they would rather be doing other things.) But I know how it feels to loose a grandfather, and I do not want to, anytime soon, know how it feels to loose a daddy.

Please keep him in your prayers and good thoughtsif you would.


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