Wednesday, November 21, 2007


What are you thankful for? Here is a few things I am thankful for......

The love of my life, my soul partner, and husband of 17 years, Aaron.

My beautiful & precious daughter, Savannah Danielle.

My handsome & funny son, Dominick Mitchell

My wonderful parents (though they live to far away) they are the best!

My In-laws, who have NEVER treated me like a daughter in law, and always like a daughter.

My fathers health, he gave us a big scare this year, but all is looking up.

My mother for flying out a a moments notice when I needed her.

My sister, though we are miles apart, we talk frequently (thank god for computers and IM's) and I know she loves me though we lead very differnt lifes.

My best friend Angie, who is there no matter when I need her, and lets me spoil Meghan like she is my own.

My best friend Amanda, who is a blast, straight forward and always makes me laugh.

That Aaron's finally feeling better from his surgies/injuries this past year (it has been a rough one for him)

That both my children do great in school, have wonderful friends, and a solid head on their shoulders (at least so far).

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