Saturday, September 15, 2007

Many thanks!

First of all if give many thanks ...

to the many good thoughts and prayers this past 48 hours!

for the many family and friends that have offered help to our family!

to Dr. Goodwin for being a great, quick acting surgeon, and the super wonderful hospital staff we encountered today!

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

Aaron is home, and feeling good, no make that almost great! He walked, yes WALKED from the car to the house, from the front door to the bedroom, and about the house a little today. Less than 24 hours after surgery! It is simply amazing how quickly he is feeling better!

My mother hopped in the car at 2am, hopped on a flight at 7am, and was here by noon to stay until the end of the month to help with the kids appts, kids sports schedules, daycare, and Aaron's appts. I dont think I could get through this with out her! Thanks mother, love ya!

Our good friend Angie took Savannah over night, and then to her first gymnastics meet of the season....I have never missed a meet. And it was really hard to miss this one. But of course she came home with not one, not two, not three, not four, but 5 medals! I am so proud of her! Way to go sis!

Another set of good friends, Bobbie & Bob took Dominick over night, and to his soccer game this afternoon. It was a great game, 2-2 tie, and D took a great hit to the head/face the 4th quarter that would make any parents cringe. Way to be strong handsome man!

Once again, thanks for great, helpful friends!! I could not of done this without them.

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Karen said...

So pleased to hear all went well - except poor Dominick! Perhaps more surgeries will result in moor medals! Yikes!