Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy two days!

What a week.........and it's only Tuesday.

- Got Savannah picked up early from school, and she got part of her braces put on then ran her to Sharon's work to catch car pool for gym
- Had friends over for dinner (she is having surgery in the AM, and wanted to make sure she did not have to cook or clean before she went)
- Savannah had gym until after 8pm, then had to pick her up
- A friends 18 month old spent the night

- Dominick had a mole removed, they are sending it off to check it for cancer (keep your fingers crossed)
- Dear friend Angie is having a total hysterectomy this morning (and 18 months ago with the birth of her daughter (c-section) she almost died from blood loss so that make me soooooo worried
- Savannah has her first band concert (with a very sore mouth)
- Aaron has Physical Therapy, and is not sleeping well from the nerve pain from his back surgery (hope it helps soon)
- Our close friends have been evacuated from their home in Rancho Bernando, so far all is well, no looting, but the neighborhood is a ghost town and the fires are way to close (maybe this will convince them to move back to Oregon, we miss them!)

Things have got to slow down! Too many things to worry about this week!


Marlyn said...

We LOVE YOU...we love you
just keep that in mind. Hope things slow down, cool down, etc.
Mom & Dad

Marlyn said...

We LOVE YOU, we love you. Hope things slow down.
Mom and Dad