Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy 38th Birthday Aaron

Aaron turned 38 on Thursday, Jul 27th. We (our family, his parents, my paretns and his brother Shawn) went to a local mexican restaurant for dinner, which he got to wear a big sombero and drink a "birthday" shot (he's still not sure what was in it) then we came back to the house and opened presents.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where have I been.............

Evidently not much of anywhere. I need to get out more, see more of the world. Heck even more of the USA would be good.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Seattle or Bust

This past weekend we packed our bags and headed (at 5:30am no less) off to Seattle.

First stop: Enchanted Wave Water Park in Federal Way. It was great weather (I came home with a nice sunburn) not too crowded and lots of fun!

The next day (Saturday 7/22/06) we headed into Seattle, we went on a Harbor Cruise.

Ate at the famous Crab Pot (where they just lay out white butcher paper and dump your food on it) and you eat off wood planks with dorky bibs on.

Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium, not as impressive at the Oregon Coast Aquarium but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it. We got to see them training the seals and the kids got to feed the Sea Urchins, kelp for lunch.

Then we headed down to Pikes Public Market (But forgot to take any picutres beacause it was almost 100 degrees and we chose (dumb people that we are) to walk up all the stairs to get there. Then we w.a.l.k.e.d.......yes walked all the way to the Space Needle. But we did take the citybus back to the car (it was way to hot to walk)!

We all were tired by now and ready to come home.

Mini Golf Anyone?

We took the kids golfing on Sunday, July 16th, as a reward for helping so much with the wedding on Saturday! They were great!!

These were our scores, and Aaron says I have not the patience to golf, maybe it is just his teaching that makes me impatient :)

Dominick: 96
Savannah: 91
Patty: 68
Aaron: 80

And both Dominick and I got a HOLE IN ONE!! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congratulations Angie & Eric Harter.......

"Saying thier vows"

Mr & Mrs Harter (& Meghan their daughter)

This past Saturday, we hosted a wedding in our backyard for some very dear friends of ours. It was great to see them get married, and for us to be such a part of their special day. It is a day that I will not soon forget! They released dozens of butterflys at the end of the ceremony, all the kids LOVED it!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Headed off to OSU gymnastics camp!

Savannah is attending OSU's gymnastics camp again this year. She had a rough time 2 years ago, but this year she was soooo ready to go! 5 nights away from home, I am not sure I am ready for it though.

1st- She heading out to the car w./ her suitcase

2nd- Her closest friends at camp (Kiley, Megan, Hailey & Savannah)

3rd - Dominick hid in the armore'. Silly boys, they were bored!

As we said goodbye to her, it brought a smile to my heart, to see/hear Dominick say "bye sis, have fun & I love you!" I guess we are doing something right as parents!

Gymnastics Practice

Lots of times I take pictures of Savannah at her meets, but I forget that 4 hours a day 3x aweek we are at practice. It is really where she shines, as she does not care for all the people to look at her and the judges write things down (thought I told her if she did it perfectly they would have nothing to write down HA HA!).

So here are a few from last weeks practice, notice the last picture, it is a what NOT to do as he legs should be straight out behind her not bent. The first one she is breaking in new grips (the ;things on her hands), which is the worst thing ever (in her words)!

Fishing at Detroit Lake

Aaron took the kids fishing at Detroit Lake for the 1st time this summer. Savannah fell into the lake, guess those gymanstics classes aren't helping too much with her grace . HA HA! And they did not catch anything. Darn!

Thursday, July 6, 2006


I am: wondering how Savannah will do when we drop her off at camp on Sunday.

I want: a laptop.

I have: way too much to do this summer and not enough days off to do it all.

I wish: I had a cleaning lady!!!

I dislike: how direspectful kids/adults can be.

I can't: have too many friends. :)

I need: to lose 50 pounds to feel good again; 75 to be at my "ideal weight".

I hear: Savannah reading to my daycare kids.

I wonder: what my kids will grow up to be, look like, etc.

I believe: that we will stayed married until death do us part.

I regret: that my tongue wags when it shouldn't.

I am not: accountable to myself. But I'm accountable to everyone else.

I dance: never!

I sing: loudly, only in the car. Does it annoy you? Sorry. Gonna do it anyway. :)

I cry: when I realize how quickly my children are growing up, and that soon they will be no longer children.

I am not always: a good mom. But sometimes I rock the title.

I make with my hands: scrapbooks that my chidlren LOVE to look at.

I write: well make that doodle, on everything. I love a blank sheet of paper!

I confuse: myself frequently, maybe it is all the kids running around crazy here this summer.

I should: Dust the entire house and get my butt on the treadmill and out of this chair.

I start: each moring with a kiss from my husband and a jumping onto my side of the bed from our dog, Scarlett. (No, she is NOT allowed on the bed, but has figured out that front paws and her head on it do not make Aaron yell NO at her :) smart dog!)

I finish: my day thankful for all that I have, and all that I am.

Fireworks at Independence, Oregon

On Sunday, July 2nd we went to the Western Days festival in Independence, Oregon. The kids had a blast skipping rocks on the river and seeing getting to see the BIG fireworks for the first time in years. (Aaron is in the orange sweatshirt, Dominick the orange shirt, and Savannah is laying down in the pink sweatshirt)

Father's Day trip to Newport, Oregon

The kids got out of school on June 15th, and so on the 16th we left for 3 days in Newport, Oregon. The kids and dog had a great time playing in the sand and ocean, though we could of asked for a little warmer weather. This picture was taken on the jetty.