Monday, July 16, 2007

Grand Weekend

We just got back from a faboulous 3 day trip to Pacific City, OR.

The weather was warm and sunny, the food was great, and the company was even better.

It was a wonderful weekend, our friends, Eric & Angie, celebrate their 1st anniversary,
We played on the beach (yes that is me laying down, I actually have an excuse, their 17th month old Meghan is alseep on my chest, and I was trying to keep her from getting sun burned :) )


The kids and Aaron climbed the dunes, & they all jumped waves in the ocean

We played games, watched the waves, and laughed till our sides hurt.

I LOVE this picture! For once Dominick is not making a dumb face!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today it is supposed to be compared to my family members that live in Henderson, NV & Yuma, AZ that is nothing. But for here in Oregon, aka the rainy state, it is TOO HOT!

I just might be tempted to get into the pool this evening, lay on my air mattress and relax, that is if the kids don't try to drown me or splash me.

Hopefully it will keep nice and warm, as we are headed to Pacific City, the oregon coast/beach, for a long weekend. Usually when we go some strange fog rolls in and it is more like 57 then 75. Here's hoping that it is warm so I can sit on the beach and read a good book without freezing. Maybe even with a margarita in hand. :) I really need it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The pool is now open for business....

Aaron has been working alot, and we have been really busy in the evenings so it has taken a while this year to get the pool ready for use. But as of is ready!!

Toothless wonder.........

Savannah is dropping teeth like made. She has been to the orthodontist 4 times, each time over the past 2 years, he has told her "Loose more teeth" As she had only lost 8 total teeth by the age of 9, and 10, and then 11. But in the last month she has lost 3 more. One about a month ago, one on Sunday night, and one last night. The tooth fairy has been busy at our house! So hopefully in August when she sees Dr. Sheets again, she will have lost a few more, and be ready to have those teeth straightened out.

PS: Ignore the chocolate in her teeth if you notice it, she just got done eathing Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough ice cream. :)

July Fireworks Part 1

This year we headed to Independence again to watch the fireworks. They set them off on Sunday, 7/1, and Wed. 7/4. But we always go to the Crittenden's house and do our own fireworks so we went on Sunday.

We met up with the Harter Family (Eric, Angie, Kacie, Carson & Meghan) and Amanda (her kids were with their dad).

It was perfect weather, sunny but not too hot (80ish I would say). Ate our share of fair food,the kids threw rocks into the river, looked for bugs, and other yucky stuff in the water. We did not ride the carnival rides though, they were not only scary looking, but $6.00 per ride per child. That is outrageous!

Then we saw the fireworks, they were amazing, and a great long is a few.