Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Wednesday- Angie, Eric and Meg came over after work and helped us move furniture (I hate to have Aaron do it after his back surgery last year, it just scares me that he will do something awful to it again).

Thursday - Met Ang at the store to do a little Christmas shopping, got gas, and headed home to get ready for everyone to come over. Cleaned, prep-ed dinner, etc. Had a great dinner with family and friends. I am truly blessed with wonderful family and friends both! Scoured the ads, and made a game plan for Black Friday shopping.

Friday - Got up at 2am, left the house at 2:50am, and headed shopping. Finally got home around 3:30pm, exhausted. Cleaned up from Thanksgiving, put packages away, had dinner and relaxed until I could crawl into bed.

Saturday - Got up, packed up the Tahoe and left for the mountains with Bob & Bobbie and their kids. The 10 of us searched many hours for the perfect trees, the dogs had a blast (though their little dog Lola got cold much quicker than Scarlett). Finally got home around 6pm, unloaded the tree, I got Chinese for dinner, and Aaron got the tree in the stand. Wow, what a day. The weather did not do what we asked, there was not a SPOT of snow. Believe it or not on the top of the mountain it was 53 degrees. I trucked around in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, not even a sweatshirt.

Sunday - Got up and everyone else was asleep, started cleaning house, then the kids & Aaron woke up and helped. I showered and headed to the market. Spent $140, and headed home. We all unloaded the groceries, and the kids started homework, Aaron put up the yard lights, I started wrapping presents. Finally around 5pm, Aaron and Dominick put the lights on the tree, and around 6:30 we started to decorate the tree. We just finished at 8:45pm. And I am exhausted! All the presents are wrapped (except the few I have left to by), and the house is decorated.

Now hopefully I can get the last few things done before the 16th when I have surgery. As after that it is all up to Aaron (and my mother and sister who are coming to town for Christmas) and leaving it up to my husband is very scary for me. :)

Happy Holidays!

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Karen said...

Surgery? What surgery? Email me.