Monday, November 3, 2008

6 Random things

The Rules:
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1. My food can not touch. I do not want my roll on my salad or touching my meat. Things must not overlap, of juice from something running into something else. I will not eat if it does. I dislike potlucks because of this.

2. I fold my laundry a certain way. DO NOT fold it for me. I want it my way! Please mop my floors, or vacuum my carpets, but do NOT fold my laundry.

3. I love RED/WHITE/BLUE together. My kitchen is doing in red/white/blue, flags, patriotic theme. My dishes are scarlett and navy Fiestaware. I would do my whole house in it if I did not think it would drive my family crazy. I love being an American, cry at the National Anthem (every time).

4. I always cry at weddings, funerals, and births. Does not matter who, where, or when. They are just such special moments, to be remembered for ever. Live changing, superior moments. I never get tired of giong to weddings, they are special days, creating new lives together.

5. It drives me crazy to have drawer and cabinet doors open. Even for a second. Yes it takes longer to close it, use the item I have taken out, and then re-open and close it. But I just can't do it. It drives my husband nuts, I will go behind him and close a door, when it goes to put something back and it's is already closed.

6. I love to search the internet for things. Does not matter what, clothes, furniture, beauty products, etc. I just love the thrill of seaching and the glory of finding exactly what I want.

I know I'm s'posed to tag 6 people, but right now I can't think of 6 people I know who blog that haven't already done this exercise. I'll have to ponder that one. If you read this and have NOT be tagged, PLEASE do this!!

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Karen said...

It drives me crazy to have drawer and cabinet doors open.

And yet, I've seen the fridge door left wide open at your house on many occasions which drives MY husband crazy.