Thursday, November 20, 2008

I HATE thieves!

Aaron and Savannah were getting ready to leave for work/school, when all the sudden they returned after only being gone for a minute. Now it is not uncommon for Savannah to forget something, and run back into the house BUT Aaron does not come with her. So I knew something was up.

Some stupid ass fool thought that they would throw a rock through Aaron's window and break into his car. The only thing that they took was his briefcase, but there was just notes and paperwork in it for work. I am sure they thought there was a laptop in it. Because it is soft sided and looks like it would have one in it. But sorry you got screwed! HA HA HA!!

But now it has ruined my whole day, thrown it into a spin. I have a headache, I need to call the insurance company, already called the county sheriff (yes we call the sheriff, we live too far out for the actual city police to come). They took a report. And I also need to call the glass shop. Glad he does not have to drive it today, as he took my car, because it is raining for the first time in a while.

Thieves suck!


Cali said...

Awww man what a rotten way to start the day. I am sorry you have to deal with all of this.

Rick said...

Been there, only it was our house and it was a BUNCH of stuff.

Stinkin' thieves!!