Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday thoughts........

At my daughter's school they annouced a new web site to help parents. It is call PIV Parent Internet Viewer. I LOVE IT!

You can see your childs grades, missing assingments, and attendence. You can even sign up for daily emails.

Granted Savannah does well in school, but this keeps me aware of any problems that happen before they get out of control. Such as her teacher giving her an F for missing a state testing day, when she was at the orthodontist. They have 2 days to do this test, and she completed it in the 1 day that she was there. And made excellent marks on it. We discussed it, she talked to her teacher and got the grade changed before report cards/progress reports came out. :)

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Brynn said...

We have the same type of thing here & I LOVE it!!!

Great job for her talking to her teacher & getting things taken care of.