Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend activities.....

OK so I don't seem to be great about blogging in a timely matter, so here is what has been happening the past couple of weekends.

Aaron's parent were married 50 years on September 14th. All the boy and I took them to Seattle for the weekend, ate dinner at the Space Needle (Sky City). Aaron & I
Shawn & Mike
Mom and Dad Crittenden
Our special dessert....the Lunar cool!

For lunch the nest day we went to the Crab Pot, and had the SeaFest.....this is where they cover your table in paper, and dump your food on the table. A little messy but really fun! Take note of the soooo cute bibs we all wore :)

Dominick tried out for the "competitive" soccer team (MVSC) earlier this summer, he made the Keizer league, and they have been practicing since July, and just started their games. Much tougher, stricter rules, etc. But he LOVES it! Go SCORPIONS!!


Rick said...

Hello Patricia, I just noticed that you became follower of my blog. I am truly honored, and question you choice in "leadership."

I must visit this Oregon blog again. I've probably been across the bridge pictured in your header.

Very nice shot BTW.

Thanks again and stay "tooned"

Midnite Scrapper said...

Yum! I have been to the Crab Pot in Seattle and the one in Long Beach. That just brought back the best memories!!

Karen said...

Hey! Actual food at lunch. Mike only took pictures after it was all eaten. Congrats on the soccer team. Let me know when they play in the HUGE tournament in Las Vegas (usually in February) and we'll come watch.