Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer of 2008

Gee......summer is over and I have posted NOTHING of worth about it. Seems like we were running, running, running all summer. So here is a brief overlook.

Early June: School ended, Savannah fractured her foot, but you should have read all about that.
It did not heal well, and they wanted to re-x-ray it, that still showed a fracture, so 2 more weeks of no tumbling, and when summer finally ended. She was cleared to tumble........what a waste of summer gymnastics tuition. Oh well, she got lots of condition in.

Savannah marched in the Strawberry Festival parade with her band (Her with the Oboe, and Mackie (her best friend) playing the clarinet.

Dominick tried out for the U11 competitive soccer team in late June, and he didn't make the team. BUT he made the U12 team :) So he has been practicing 2x a week most of the summer (his first game is this weekend 9/13) Though I don't have any pictures yet, because a friend of his takes him and Dad picks him up.

Aaron washed the dog :)

The Dominick broke out the slip and slided a lot!

Savannah received a trophy for the Most Improved gymnast from her coaches at their end of the year banquet.

June 30th : Carey, Brianna & Austin fly in from New Hampshire for 3 weeks.....we had so much fun! We were sad to see them go!
We took group pictures.

We lit lots and lots of fireworks........these are just a few of them :)

Scarlett showed how patriotic she was
Glow stick fashions.
We attended the newly revamped Timber Carnival (which Aaron and I attended at kids) and saw some great sawing, and log rolling in addition to the new Timberman (to be named someday hopefully)

We attended 3 Keizer Volcanoes baseball games over the summer.

We went to OMSI and saw the dinosaur exhibit (way to get fierce Dominick!)

We went to OMSI and even went on the submarine tour.....kinda dark, damp and really smelly!

We rented a house in Pacific City for 4 days with our great friends the Harter family!

We watched the sunset in Pacific City

We too the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour.
Seaside Promenade

We took a 4 person bike ride along the eugene waterfront park.

We quietly (per his request) celebrated Aaron;s 40th birthday.

Aaron took the kids camping at Yellowbottom. And they actually got along wonderfully! : )

They also got to go to Wunderland (the nickle arcade, and Dominck's favorite hang out)My mother came in August for 3 weeks.

She took the kids (and Savannah's friend Dani) to the Enchanted forest.

Leave it to the two gymnasts to do handstands in the crooked mans house .

The kids and their friends swam and swam and swam!

We went camping........believe it or not. But there were showers there :) (My firend Angie, Mimi )her daughter) and me by the campfire)

The kids loved floating down the rapids near the campground.
I enjoyed sitting with my feet in the water, reading a book and soaking up the sun :)

Well, long story short, that was our summer. Hope you all had a great one!


Marlyn said...

Great update and loved your pictures.

Cali said...

I love seeing other people's pictures of our great state. It looks like you and yours had a great summer.