Monday, September 8, 2008

18th Anniversary

We decided to head out to the Grand Lodge for our anniversary this year. Angie/Eric kept the kids and dog for us (thank you again!).

It is an old Masonic Lodge/Orphanage that now is a McMenamins hotel. It was strange, eerie, but fun. We saw a live performance by Kate Mann and caught the 9:30pm movie (Wanted) at the Compass Room Theater. It was not not to have to leave to do anything once we got there. Especially because Aaron enjoys their beer so much :)

We saw 2 different weddings happening on the grounds that day, it was fun to think back to the days before our wedding, and what we were doing 18 years ago. ahhhh......the memories!

OK, so self portraits our not or specialty, especially after a few drinks, but this was the best of the bunch..... :(

We are headed to Seattle in 2 weeks (to celebrate my in-laws 50th anniversary), maybe we will try for a great picture from the top of the Space Needle then when we have someone else to take one.

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