Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About me...

Outside my Window... It's sunny with a hint of dust. The farmers are plowing up the fields, getting ready for fall. The birds are feeding on the worms in our freshly watered yard.

I am thinking...that I don't know what I am making for lunch, how nice it is to have Mimi potty trained, and why do kid's always fight over the people in the lego box, because there is tons of them.

From the learning room...well our kids go to public school, so there are learning there.

I am thankful for...my family & friends, that me and my husband have stable jobs, and that we do not live in a state full of natrual disasters. All in all........LIFE IS GOOD!

From the kitchen... YOYO, Your on your own........Savannah and Aaron will be at gymanstics, Dominick and I home. Who knows what he wants, think I will have taco salad.

I am wearing...Navy athletic shorts, navy t-shirt That's all the detail you want, right? heehee!

I am reading...Nothing at the moment, life has been so busy since school started.

I am hoping...That I can find rest for my mind. I'm prone to worry and anxiety. Life is so busy between now and March. Not much down time, or time to rest & relax.

I am creating... A costume for Dominick for his part in the Grammer Island.

I am hearing...The today show, and the sound of my daycare kids playing with the Legos and Peyton's little man voice as he talks to the animals.

One of my favorite things...Wathcing my favorite TV shows in the evenings without having to think about anything for that brief period of time. I also love driving alone in the car with the windows down and my music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs! Especially now that Savannah is to cool for me to do that in front of her. :(

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Prepare minutes from the meeting last night, pack for Seattle, wash and vacuum car since we are taking everyone in it to Seattle, get kids packed for their weekend plans, wash soccer uniform, buy Kacie's birthday present, oh the list goes on and on.

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