Sunday, June 24, 2007

3 day weekend....

Instead of taking a week of vacation all at once, I tende to take a Friday or two off every month during the summer, this give us some 3 day weekends to go places and do fun things.

This past weekend we went to Wildlife Safari on Friday, it is about a two hour drive from our house, and the weather was beautiful! We saw lots of animals, though were disappoionted that the elephants were taking a break that day and not doing rides. We got caught in a feeding frenzy between the ELK and the BISON, and I thought my Tahoe was going to be damaged in the pushing and shoving to get the food.

There were 2 Gibon's that were sooo talkative, they just kept swinging from branch to branch, and saying woo woo, back and forth over and over again.

Then we headed to Springfield to Roaring Rapids Pizza, and Camp Putt mini golf. Savannah lost a ball in the bushes and Aaron won, but only by 2. Savannah is just as impatient as I am when it comes to golfing.

Then we headed home.
Saturday monring we got up and headed to Portland, we went to OMSI and saw the Body World 3 exhibit. It was amazing, really after seeing 3 or 4 plastic filled bodies, they all look the same. If you are into medical stuff, go see it if you can before it leaves, but I would not pay for my kids to go if we were to do it again. They were bored with it after the first couple of people. Then we went all over OMSI the kids like the Chemistry lab, and the ball areas.

Then we headed to the hotel (do not EVER stay at the Shilo in Beaverton, the restaurant staff is SLOW, the rooms are run down, the TV tiny, and the surrounding area not the best unless you want to go to Hottie Gentlemen's club), the kids swam (the nicest part of the hotel).

Sunday we the weather called for thunder showers, and rain. Even so we headed to the Oregon Zoo. It started out nice, we saw alot of animals, and then it started to rain. It rained off and on all day, but did not ruin the day.

It was a great weekend! Can't wait for July to head to Pacific City with the Harter's. Need to think of a great 1st Anniversay gift for them before we go.


Marlyn said...

Oh how that brings back memories of taking you and sis to WildLife Safari and OMSI. But did we ever stay overnight in a motel except Disneland?
Nice pictures.

Karen said...

Looks like tons of fun! I don't want to do any of that when we come. I want to sit on the deck with a cold beverage. Or maybe the pool at your place - again, cold beverage.

See you all next month.

Patricia said...

Hey Karen, Let me know what kind of cold beverage you want (be specific or I choose it by the pretty label :) ) and i will have in cold and waiting for you by the pool!