Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Sunday we met Dean & Louise at Cafe' Cristo for brunch, it was realy yummy, and among other things I got a gift certificate for a hour massage at 14th Avenue DaySpa. I can't wait!!

Monday the kids had school, we had work, Savannah had gym....which little time left in the day. I got up, went to the dr, came home, did daycare, got Savannah off to gym, then left to go pick her & Holly from gym, came home then our family headed to Red Robin for dessert. It was delicious, and something we NEVER do!

Aaron and the kids got me a new knife set (what I asked for) and and IOU for two front porch wicker chairs (because I am picky and they did not want to pick the wrong ones, so Aaron took pictures of the kids in various ones so I could choose some...great idea! ) AND the kicker was a gift certificate for a facial, spa pedicure and haircut. Something I have been wanting, but know that Aaron does not like to do the gift cert. thing.

OH happy day! I am headed to the spa soon..........not sure when, I dont have a free Sat until July now...........but when I do, I will be there ALL DAY!! WOO HOO!!

I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my parents, and a dozen of my favorite roses from Aaron.

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Karen said...

I emailed this post to Mike with a note that Aaron kicks butt on birthdays!! Aaron should expect a call mid-July.

Happy Birthday. I didn't get to it!