Thursday, June 7, 2007

Busy Evening.........

Today was just one of those of those days when you wonder why you got out of bed.

They daycare kids were loud and unruley, they thought that hitting, biting and being mean was an ok behavior.

Then when Savannah and I went to the hair salon, I got my roots colored and she got the most wonderful perm.... I love it on her!
AFTERthen Aaron called. Now you know it is not good when he says.........................
"I need your opinion, if it happened to one of the kids I would take them to Urgent Care, but I am not sure what I should do" he proceeds to tell me that he was cutting up the old trampoline with a saw, and that he cut his finger, and there is blood and most of the nail is ripped off..........and after that I heard nothing..........Nothing but me yelling, well then get you butt to Urgent Care. It is now 2 hours later, I have received numerous text messages (though most are from Dominick, and a little hard to decipher) that he has broken his finger, needs stitches and xrays, and they still aren't done.

Good Lord! From the text pictures it looks AWFUL!! He just texted again, and says probably around another 30 minutes. Not a huge deal, but he has Dominick with him, and it is 9:36pm, on a school night. Looks like tomorrow morning will be a rough one again.

I will post pictures if he lets me take them :)


Karen said...

LOVE the hair. Sorry about Aaron's finger. Hope it heals soon. And why are your kids still in school. Even mine got out yesterday!

Patricia said...

Kids have 4 1/2 days left. 5th grade promotion is on Thursday of next week, and they have a 1/2 day that day then they are done.

Aaron can't take the bandage off for 10 days, so no pictures. It is smashed/broken in the top, and has stitches. All in all GROSS!

Savannah loved her hair this morning. I just hope it holds. Perms are famous for not holding in children, but so far so good!

Marlyn said...

Love Savannah's hair. So cute but so grown up. How will it do for gymnastics.
Aarons finger sound awful. Hope it gets to feeling better quick (and he can type soon)