Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July Fireworks Part 1

This year we headed to Independence again to watch the fireworks. They set them off on Sunday, 7/1, and Wed. 7/4. But we always go to the Crittenden's house and do our own fireworks so we went on Sunday.

We met up with the Harter Family (Eric, Angie, Kacie, Carson & Meghan) and Amanda (her kids were with their dad).

It was perfect weather, sunny but not too hot (80ish I would say). Ate our share of fair food,the kids threw rocks into the river, looked for bugs, and other yucky stuff in the water. We did not ride the carnival rides though, they were not only scary looking, but $6.00 per ride per child. That is outrageous!

Then we saw the fireworks, they were amazing, and a great long show...here is a few.

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