Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Adventures

Aaron took Spring Break off, and on Tuesday the kids and him went on an adventure. Though I have to say the kids were not too excited when they left, they had a great time.
They drove to Philomath to an old military fort, Fort Hoskins (only to find out it had been tore down), saw the Frantz-Dunn house that is built on the property, viewed a Memorial Forest (whatever the heck that is) went to Harris bridge (an old covered bridge), and to Hyak Park to see the river. All in all a great day outdoors!! Savannah is my daughter that is for sure, she came home having taken over 50 pictures so I could scrapbook them! Way to go girl!!

Fort Hoskins
The Frantz-Dunn house

Memorial Forest

Harris Bridge

400-500 year old tree at Harris Bridge
Hyak Park

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Le@nne said...

love love love that picture of the bridge! Do you mind if I use it for my desktop?