Sunday, March 25, 2007

Medal winner

Savannah had the strangest meet his past weekend. She has been struggling on bars with her flyaway, more or less a back tuck (flip) off the high bar. But for some reason when she was doing a move right before she jumps from the low to the high bar, her pushed her shoulders over the bar too far, did a front flip, and landed hard on the mat face first. She got up and finished her rountine, but then had to go to beam. Savannah HATES beam. She has alway hated beam. But for some unknown reason, she shined on beam that day. She stayed on, pointed her toes, and showed it off.

During awards she was writing in her journal, not really paying attention. As she has not been placing, so more or less does her own thing. Then it happened. They called her name, and it took a good 2-3 seconds for it to register that it was her, she placed on beam of all things. Not 1st but she was just as happy with 7th place. This is a big step since she moved to Level 6 in January, and had a short amount of time to learn the routines, and elements.

Way to go sis!!

Plus the kicker was that the team won 1st place! They beat all the Portland teams that usually come and take home all the bling. Great job girls!!


The Hartleys said...


*hugs from Auntie Chris and Uncle Pat!*

Marlyn said...

Way to go Savannah! Granma & Grandpa Sing are really proud of all you do.