Tuesday, March 6, 2007

First concert and first concussion.......what a combo!!

Aaron mentioned that Rascal Flatts was coming to Portland, so this is all his fault! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rascal Flatts, I have all of their CD's and they are one of the few groups/bands that I like/love everyone of their songs. So he told me to join their fan club, because I could get VIP seats. You only need to tell me once, so off I went. Then the day/time comes where you fill out a form at the set time, and hope/pray you get VIP tickets. And I did. So then you send the necessary information via fax to the ticket office at a set day/time (and of course, Aaron just did not understand why it had to be at 10am, not 10:29am, as they issue as they receive the faxes. and I finally got that through his head). Now the wait......up to 7 days......but then we were gone for the weekend..........and so the wait turned into even more of a wait.

BUT then it happened. Confirmed 2 tickets in the 10th row! YAA HOO!!

So this past Thursday the family left for Portland, no they were not all going with me, Savannah has a meet at 8 flippin AM, on Friday morning, the morning of the concert, just 12 hours later.

Now the kicker is that Aaron said I could get tickets, spend the night in Portland, just as long as he did NOT have to go. So we get up Friday morning at 5:30am, get ready for the meet, go to the meet, then my friend Amanda drives up to Portland in Aaron's car, we switch kids around, Aaron, Dominick, and Scarlett go home. Savannah gets dropped of at her friends house in Portland to spend the weekend, and all is good.

Amanda and I shop, drink, eat, and drink some more, we drive to the Rose Arena early to pick up our tickets so we don't have to wait in the line at will call, and this is what we see......
Now we are really excited, so we go have dinner, drink some more (not the smartest idea, I figured out afterwards), hail a taxi and go to the concert. IT WAS GREAT!!! Opening was newcomer Jason Aldean

Then came RASCALL FLATTS.........

It was a great concert, they sang for almost 2 hours, non stop. Then we got to hail a cab in the rain back to the hotel. This is where the night begins to fall apart........I NEVER leave anywhere without my phone, but I left it in the hotel for some dumb reason. When we get back there are numerous missed calls, mostly from the mom of the friend that Savannah is staying with. And by now it is almost midnight, but I call anyways. Evidently Savannah was doing something and her arm gave away, and she fell back and hit her head quite hard on the ground. Now good thing that Deana is a nurse, or I might of lost it right then, but she said she did a neuro check on her (especially after she started to throw up) and she did have a concussion, but thought that she would be OK. But Savannah wanted to go home, so she finally got a hold of Aaron, met him 1/2 way and they should be back at home shortly. OK, tears flow,......here I left her, no phone to contact me, have had enough drinks there was no way I was driving to get her.......WOO HOO I win the trophy for 2007 mom of the year!

All in all she was OK, heck of a headache the next 2 days, and I am sure if she did not have long hair she would have a bruise to boot. But next time I will be taking my phone!!

oh ya, and an unmentional number of Rum and Dt. Cokes leads to a very bad headache and queasy tummy in the morning.....I dont recommend it! :)


Karen said...

Even the "Mom of the Year" gets a night off! It's not your fault she fell and the phone wouldn't have done you any good as you wouldn't have heard it in a concert. Besides, you're married to a Crittenden man and they can ALWAYS be counted on when the going gets tough.

Cali said...

I am so sorry that your daughter was hurt and wanted to go home. However, don't beat yourself up about the phone thing. Even if you had the phone, could have heard it over the music, etc., you still were without your own transportation etc. As Karen said, every mom gets a night off once in a while and Dad has to step in.

I am glad you enjoyed the concert. I wanted to go too!!! We are only about 2 hours south of Portland, not 12 hours but still no concert. I love your pictures.