Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Break Adventures Part II

On Thursday of Spring break (yes, I am a little slow in getting this posted) Aaron took the kids to Foster fishing. They caught NOTHING, but had a great time, and no one fell in the lake. A great day if you ask me. :)

Then on Saturday, Aaron, Savannah, Dominick and his friend Dexter, went to the rock show that Grandma & Grandpa Fish were working at in Sweet Home, they went to the park, had lunch at A&W (always a favorite since they still have the phones you call on to order your food from the kitchen) and got a great bag full of rocks.


Karen said...

No fish? Duh...where's the boat? The only fish I ever caught was at Foster IN A BOAT!!! And why does Aaron have so much time off work?

Patricia said...

He took the whole week off. Only the second time in years he has taken a vacation. The other was to meet you guys in Disneyland! But I threatened to harm him if he stayed home all week since I had to work. :)