Monday, March 12, 2007

1st lost molar

Savannah is really really slow at loosing teeth. She is almost 11 years old (next week) and has only lost 8 teeth. The same number as her 2 year younger brother.

She has already been to the orthodontist 4 times, and each time he keeps saying "Lose more teeth, then we can start work". But her teeth are not listening.

Until now.........she lost a molar last night. Her first one. She is so excited, she really wants her "fangs" as she callls them fixed. All it takes is thousands of dollars and loosing more teeth. I guess she is now doing her part, now I need to "find" the thousands of dollars. :)

Oh ya, and now she mentions that she also has a loose tooth on the other side.


Marlyn said...

Glad to hear about your tooth Savannah. But not you expense coming up Patty.
Look at the pictures often

Marlyn said...

Glad you are loosing you teeth Savannah.
Patty love looking at the pictures.
Love you