Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pass out or The Choking game WARNING!!

I thought Savannah was too young to even know about this, a deadly game called many things but most commonly "Pass out or The Choking Game", but tonight at her gym a group of "advanced" gymansts were in the locker room playing "PASS OUT", and one of them had trouble waking up, another gymnast walked in and went and informed a coach of what was happening.

These are girls, ages 10 - 15, most are 4.0 students, that work out 4-5 days a week, 4 hours a day. They are smart girls, but they made a bad decision, one that effected the whole gym, one that effected me. It scares me, it was too close to home. Our family had a long talk about the "game" and the concquences of it. Please do the same with your children, NOW, before its too late, then give them a big hug and make sure they know how much you love them!

Read below for more info about it..........

"For many of the nation's middle-school kids, it is an open secret: choking yourself or having a friend do it for you, passing out and reviving — waiting for that euphoric 10 second high as oxygen rushes back to the brain.

Boys and girls alike seem to be playing this asphyxiation game. The most common ages range for kids playing this is between 9 and 14, middle school age and early high school age kids. It is also called blackout, funky chicken, space monkey, flat liner, tingling and suffocation roulette.

Whatever they call it, kids are gambling on cheating death.

They choke themselves with belts, ropes, ties, their own bare hands, or even a bicycle chain lock, to deprive their brains of oxygen and get a drug-like high.

Apparently there are two parts to the experience. First, the high is when there’s light-headedness due to reduced blood flow and therefore a reduced flow of oxygen to the brain. The second part, the rush, comes with the removal of pressure on the chest or neck with releases a powerful surge of dammed up blood through the carotid arteries into the brain.

Kids do it to one another or to themselves. It is particularly deadly when they do it alone because there is no one there to be sure they come out of the pass out phase. Some develop brain damage and others die. This is something the kids do not seem to be talking about openly and often the deaths, when they occur, are misdiagnosed as suicides.

One expert in Atlanta says more and more kids seem to be doing this and good kids are doing it too. Some do it because of peer pressure, of course, and most do it for the quick, 5 to 10 second euphoria it creates. Apparently the quest for this high may be addictive."


SarahPacatte said...

Educational and Informational resources are available online, most of them free of charge.
D.A.R.E. / Police officer Scott Metheny has developed a power point presentation which is downloadable online at:


Officer Metheny, along with parent Carol Connelly who's son Steven Connelly's died as a result of another high risk, thrill seeking asphyxiation activity have given many school presentations in an effort to bring awareness to society of this deadly, wicked killer.

Human Relations Media Educational Publishers have also created a cd / video for distribution:

Product Awards
CINE Golden Eagle Award

This program exposes "the choking game"...a shockingly foolish and deadly activity among 9-14 year olds that has resulted in the tragic deaths of children across the country. Through interviews with children who have participated in the "game", siblings and parents of children who have died, and experts and physicians, young viewers get the straight and alarming facts about just how dangerous this "game" is. One young teen describes his personal experiences with the "game" and how his twin brother Gabriel died from it in an attempt to get high without drugs. Dr. Thomas Andrew, a medical examiner, describes what actually happens to the brain when the blood flow gets cut off causing brain damage and possible death. A parent describes and details the tragic death of her son in an attempt to prevent others from the same fate. Gives young viewers information explaining the difference between healthy and dangerous risk taking.
Includes Pre- and Post-Tests Running Time: 19 minutes
Click here for online preview:

Since losing my 13 year old son Gabriel to this 'game' on May 6, 2005, over 140 others have fallen victim to it. Education, warning and awareness can and has saved lives.

Ignorance is not bliss,
Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai's mom

Karen said...

I have had many, many discussions about this with my 13-year-old. It didn't occur to me to have the same chat with my 10-year-old. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope Savannah is too smart for this nonsense.

The Stopper Family said...

I read this mother's blog pretty regularly. She tells the story of her son and his death. If you read the post for today (or yesterday 2.28 or 3.1) and click on the link for "Matthew" in the middle of the 2nd line, you will see her story.

Its heartbreaking and hers is especially poignant because it shows that we cannot protect our children from everything.

Glad to see you caught it early and I hope your daughter listens to you. I have this fear often when my daughter does activities that involve older children.

The Hartleys said...

Just talked to Autumn. Scary stuff, thanks for bringing it up.

Karen said...

There was a big write-up in our Sunday paper about this. ONE high school here in town has had 3 deaths just this year due to this game.