Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Swiped from Stacy's blog.......... thanks Stacy!

10 Favorites
Color: Deep Red
Food: Lobster

Month: June
Song: I can’t pick just one, right now I am listening to a lot of Rascal Flatts since I am seeing them in concert this week.
Movie: Grease
Sport: I love to watch Gymnastics, Soccer and OSU Beaver football
Season: Summer
Day of the Week: Friday
Ice Cream Flavor: Daiquiri Ice
Time of Day: Early evenings

9 Currents
Mood: Blah……its so yucky outside today
Clothes: Capris & Sweatshirt
Taste: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
Desktop: Cluttered with medical bills….yuck!!………oh wait maybe this means on my computer, that would be our family picture from this summer at the coast
Toenail Color: OPI’s, “The Lifeguard Makes me Blush”
Time: 8:18am, almost time for the kids to get on the bus
Surroundings: My warm, cozy home
Thoughts: Can’t wait for Thursday to get here, I am off on Friday! WOO HOO
Wonderings: Will it be snowing in Portland later this week, it can’t I just took off my snow tires!

8 Firsts
Best Friends: Jennifer
Kiss: Can’t remember his name, he lived behind me in 3rd grade though
Screen Name: the4ouvs
Pet: Dinky (our dog)
Piercing: Each ear, cant remember when though
Crush: John (in middle school)
Computer: Cant remember, it was around 1990 though.
Home Location: with Aaron? A crappy 1-bedroom apartment on Geary St., that he picked out while I was living in Philadelphia.

7 Lasts
Cigarette: High school, when it was “cool” to drink and smoke on the weekends
Drink: Last night (Captain Morgans and Diet Pepsi)
Kiss: This morning when Aaron left for work
Movie seen at the theater: Little Miss Sunshine
Phone Call: From Monica
CD played: Rascal Flatts, Me and My Gang
Gift received: Bottle of wine from Sonja on Valentines day

6 Have You Evers
Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No, as he was my not best friend until we started to date
Broken the Law: Sure, if speeding counts.
Been Arrested: No
Skinny Dipped: No
Been on TV: Yes, in the audience of the Price is Right, and AM Northwest when I was a princess in High school
Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No

5 Things
You've Eaten Today: Graham crackers
You've Done Today: Woke up, showered, got ready for work, make school lunches, made breakfast for the kids, 2 loads of laundry, checked email, got mail ready to send to mom/dad…….boy its been a busy morning so far.
You Can Hear Right Now: Kids playing and singing
You Can't Live Without: Love, my family, cell phone, internet, hot hot showers, blowdryer, nail polish, dt dr pepper……
You Do When You're Bored: Surf the web, watch old movies

4 places you've been today
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and computer room (so far I have not left the house)

3 people you can tell anything to

Aaron, Amanda, & Carey

2 Choices
Black or White: Black
Hot or Cold: Hot

1 thing you wanna do before you die
See my kids grow up, happily married & have children of their own

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