Monday, February 26, 2007

Our weekend.......

It is so rare that both kids get invited some where on the same night, but on Saturday Dominick was at a sleepover/birthday party and Savannah got invited to her best friend's house to spend the night. So we had no kids and did not have to pay a babysitter either.

So what did we do..........we debated about going to Legends for dinner and a little gambling afterwardes, but decided we did not feel like driving that far, so we talked about a movie with dinner, but finally decided that we have been running 24/7 latley so we went to Applebees for dinner, and rented 2 movies and stayed home for the night. It was great! I cant remember the last time we watched 2 movies in one night, or watched them without the kids wanting something, or fighting.

All in all it was a great night!

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The Hartleys said...

Sounds like a lovely evening!