Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Storybook Land and Santa

Every year since Savannah was born Grandma & Grandpa Fish have taken the child(ren) to Storybook Land and at the end they see Santa. This year was a little different. Savannah said she did not want to go. I told her then she needed to call Grandma and tell her. She chose not to. So last night in the pouring rain, we all packed into the Tahoe and headed to the fairgrounds. The kids were not thrilled to be there, and it showed. It took a record 15 mintues to go through it. Past years we have been there up to an hour. They rushed through it, did not want to see Santa. Like I cared, I wanted the annual picture. They went, not happilily but then went. I think this is the last year I will get these pictures. I am sad, very sad. My kids are growing up too quickly!

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Diana Sioux said...

Aw, it is sad when they outgrow this kind of stuff. *sniff,sniff* That's why we take so many photos while they're still young enough to want to!