Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas is almost here. I miss my family and friends that are not near! It is hard to be excited this time of year. My family is far way (Boston, Las Vegas, and Yuma) and my best friend is in New Hampshire. I love my in-laws, and I am so glad they are here, close by to spend the holidays with. BUT I wish my kids had cousins to play with. I know that growing up having the 8 of us so close created special memories. My kids don't have that. Never did, probably never will. That makes me sad. Though they love their cousins dearly, they don't have the memories that we had of going to our grandparents every year, for every holiday. We have created new traditions, but I still miss the old ones.

New traditions:

~Grandma & Grandpa Sing take the kids to Storybook Land
~We go drive and see Christmas lights
~Aaron reads them The Night Before Christmas, every Christmas Eve
~They open their stockings ASAP Christmas morning
~Aaron and I open ours in bed
~We go to Aaron's parent Christmas day and celebrate with them

What are your traditions? What are your greatest Christmas memories?

May you all have a wonderful, memory filled Christmas!!

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Karen said...

Please refer to your post on Dec 5th.

You could move to Las Vegas where there is no shortage of accounting jobs (all those casinos) and start new traditions!