Monday, December 4, 2006

Busy weekend,

Savannah had her meet, then we went to PIR (Portland International Raceway) to see their festival of lights. They had a great time, there were some impressive light displays. But I think the thing the kids like the most was that we were actually driving on the speedway! :)

Then Dominick turned 9 yesterday. We took him and 4 friend (and grandma/grandpa Fish) to Chuck E Cheese. It was a fun time for the boys, Dominick does not like cake so we had cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. They played games, won tickets, and traded them in for great (well maybe to them) prizes. I do have to say that I think 5 boys were much louder than the 12 girls I had at Savannah's slumber party a couple of years ago. They scream like girls, and the whole way to Salem, they did not stop talking, shouting, screaming, and making boy noises!

Happy Birthday Dominick!

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