Friday, December 15, 2006


This has been a strange past 24 hours. Yesterday was the kids Christmas program. Savannah has a solo/speaking part. She did great! Then we went to dinner with Aaron's parents. They left, we got ready for bed and the phone rings. Its my MIL saying they cant get home because a tree has fallen in blocking the road/driveway. So Aaron gets out of bed, get dressed and drives over to help his dad. In the mean time a neighbor comes home, and gets his tractor to move the tree, so Aaron gets there and turns around and comes home. All this was caused by the HUGE windstorm we had last night.

Aaron gets up and gets ready for work, only to have his boss call and say don't come in there is NO power at the office. So he decided to go to her house and help her move her old home office to her new home office. He was getting stuff from the truck and heard a loud POP and he now can walk or straighten his left knee. 2 hours in urgent care, a brace, and an MRI scheduled for next Friday. They think he did something to his meniscus. So now he is hobbling around with the brace on, getting ready to go to work since the power in on again.

Plus the sump pump stopped working this morning. So he will have to dig that up and see what is wrong with it. All while not bending his knee. FUN FUN!

Damn, when it rains it pours....... I think we need a do over for today!!

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