Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break Part II

Thursday 3/27 - Got up early, got in the rental car and head for Arizona. 6 hours later, we arrived. Only two slightly upset tummys, thank heavens for car sick pills. The road was like a bad roller coaster. We mainly just hung out and visited with mother and daddy until we crashed.

Friday 3/28 - Happy 70th birthday Daddy!! Today we went to the biggest flea/outdoor market I have ever seen. Dominick bought a watch, Savannah some dried pears, Aaron some nuts, Mother a new duster and Daddy a new cell phone holder since his did not work well, and he lost it down the drain at the car wash. Me......NOT A THING!! :) After we had lunch at Da Boys, the BEST pizza I have ever had, we headed home to drop off the men & kids and headed to the store for things for daddy's party on Sat. Next we headed to the pool until dinner. Around 8pm, Sis, Patrick & Autumn showed up, after some car troubles.

Saturday 3/29 - Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, and then got things ready for Daddy and Wes's (another man from the neighborhood that was born on the same day as Daddy) 70th birthday parties. We partied until 6pm or so, then headed back to the pool. nice day. Oh ya, then Mother watched the kids for us and Aaron, Chris, Patrick and I headed to the casino for a few hours just to relax.

Sunday 3/30 - Breakfast, Chris and family head back to their house (about a 6 hour drive and Autumn had school on Monday). The rest of us headed to Mexico, browsed the shops, Savannah got her hair braided, ate lunch and had some great margaritas! Made it out safely, though Savannah was scared she would have to stay there since we did not have passports :) Silly girl of little faith! And I made it back without the Border Patrol being angry at me, much better than last time! :)

MONDAY 3/31 - We woke up and said our goodbye's, hopped in the car and headed back to Las Vegas to catch our plane (5:35pm ). We drove through Lake Havasu and the Hoover Dam. Much straighter road, but took almost an hour longer.

All in all it was a great vacation, no missed flights, no car troubles, great times, good food and great family memories!!

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Karen said...

Your last photo...when we moved here the water was all the way up to the top!!
It's been a DRY 10 years.