Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Middle School Conferences

Tonight was Savannah's 6th grade conferences. It is a student led type of thing, were she takes you to each class, shows you what she has been working on, and then you get a few minutes one on one with the teachers.

She is taking.......
Social Studies
7th grade math
Band (Oboe player)

Her math, Band, & Lit/Comp teachers all specifically asked if I would be coming. Now I know that she could not be doing to horrible, since I can see her grades online for all her classes, and she was getting all A+'s. But the mom (aka not great student) in my starts to panic.

Math - She wants her to skip 8th grade Math/Pre-algebra and move on to Algebra.

Lit/Comp - Teacher want to let me know that her "Oaks" testing exceeded the benchmark, and was the highest she has this year. But she still did not feel like Savannah was at her top performance, and was just doing what she had to to get an A.

Band - He feels that she has outgrown what he can teach her about the Oboe technically, and wants her to do private lessons with the high school teacher.

All in all, great reports. Still must think she got her brains from Aaron though HA HA.

I am one proud mama!!

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Karen said...

that's great for savannah! mine is just trying to get back up to D's in a few classes - not because she's not capable, but because she won't do the homework. Very frustrating!