Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Favorite Things from A to Z

From my friend challenge, not as easy as it looks.

My Favorite Things From A to Z

- autumn. I love the changing of the leaves here in Oregon, it is just beautiful.

B - babies. Nothing is better. They are so precious, I would have another and another, if I could. They make everyday special! Nothings is as sweet, innocent, or as perfect.

C - capris. I love them, and wear them every chance I get! Being tall makes finding jeans hard.

D - dollars. Come one. Who DOESN'T love to find an extra dollar in the bottom of your purse, or in the pocket of your winter coat, or under the seat of your car?

E - email. I'm hugely dependent on it, and couldn't run my life without it!

F - family. It's everything to me! Nothing is better than visiting them, sure i like to leave them too, but now that they are so far away, I cherish it more than ever.

G - gymnastics. I loved to do it as a child, and now that Savannah is doing it it really has become a passion. I never get tired of taking her to practice or meets. I could watch routines for hours and hours. College......oh ya! Them are some great girls!!

- Hydrangeas. I think they're beautiful, especially the blue variety.

I - Ice. I love ice! I must have ice in my drink, whether it is water, pop, or a grown-up drink, it must have ice.

J - Jif. Don't make me eat Peter Pan or Skippy (do they still make that?). Gotta be Jif creamy.

K - kids. A little in my coffee, or in my brownies. Either way, mmm mmm good.

L - laughter. I love the sound of laughter. Kids, adults, babies it does not matter, it is just the best sound. My new years resolution was to laugh more, and it has been a great one! Just kick your heads back and let it rip!

M - massages. From the spa, no one is better at getting those stubborn muscles in my back to relax and loosen up. Love me a massage!!

N -news. Who'd thunk! I watch the 6 o'clock in the AM, read the paper daily and watch the 10 and sometimes even the 11 o'clock too! I can't get enough of it.

O - onions. Grilled, to be exact. I love me some grilled onions! This is a new thing for me, last year, no how no way. Trying to try some new foods, people think I'm picky for some reason. :)

P - pedicures. I would get them every week if I could afford the time. Just having someone else massage my legs, rub my toes, polish my nails............ahhhh heaven!

Q - quilt. Not just any one, the one that my great grandmother did the front to, and Aaron's grandmother did the back to and quilted. It is made by two people that I loved dearly that are no longer this us. It is perfect, not too heavy, not to thin, just right on those cold Oregon nights!

R - radio. Sure there's Ipods, MP3 players, but where for free can I listen to any type of music I want, at any time of the day!

S - sunday ads. I'm obsessed, even if I don't need anything I look through them. Just to see what is new, on sale, or what I just might need even if I don't think I need it :).........OK this was the hardest one, it could of been many things: soccer, shopping, surfing the net, singing in the car....etc.

T - teamwork. I finally have discovered that I can't do it all alone. Well I can, but I loose out on valuable family time. Everyone else is having a great day, and I am doing all the housework, laundry, grocery shopping,etc. Now we all pitch in an then get to enjoy each other the rest of the time!

- USA. Enough said!

V - vacuuming. I love a clean floor, and try to vacuum at least once a day! To see the vacuum marks left in the carpet just makes me smile.

- water. Fill the glass to the rim with ice, then add ice cold water. Yum!! And I won't share it!

- Xyron, a wonderful little gadget that makes scrap booking easier by applying adhesive to the backs of hard-to-adhere things like ribbon and tiny letters.

- Yellow. Seriously. I love sunny yellow, baby yellow! I am never so happy to find the perfect top and it comes in yellow! Yellow daffodils, yellow lemons, yellow sunshine!

Z - zip code. Specifically, mine: 97321. I love where I live and feel so blessed to have a beautiful safe home, in such a lovely neighborhood, out of the city, with such a wonderful school!

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