Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6th grade Safari night......

Savannah will be going to North Albany Middle School, NAMS. They hold a safari night for the incoming 6th graders, to check out the school, play with the lockers, sign up for electives, etc.

I can't believe that I have a child old enough for middle school. She makes me feel old, but more than that I can't believe that she is 11, and ready for middle school. She can't wait!

She would not let me take my camera to NAMS but I did get a few pictures before we went. I think it took her close to an hour to get ready. Hair, make up, perfume, jewlery, clothes, shoes...etc.


Karen said...

Yeah...Middle School...WHATEVER!!! Mine starts High School in the fall. On her 14th birthday, no less! And why no photo of the shoes?

Auntie k

Patricia said...

Shoes, it is spring that means flip-flops around here. They were the perfectly matched color of teal of the skulls on her shirt. Yes, skulls I said. I am not sure I like her best friend being a drummer in a band :)