Thursday, April 5, 2007

The joy of Spring

Today the temperature hit 76 degrees. It is now 7:48pm, and the kids are still outside playing. We have not ate dinner, that will wait until it is dark. Boy are they going to sleep good tonight!

Savannah did not want her picture taken, it still got taken! HA! She is sitting on Dominicks 1st bike without training wheels, that he will NOT get rid of! Just like his father, a horder!!



Karen said...

Hoarding is a genetic trait in that family! 76 degrees? Over 90 here today!

Cali said...

Hi Patricia,

Wasn't the weather lovely last Thursday and Friday?

I enjoyed your blog. Foster Lake is a great place as is Green Peter up the road. I grew up and went to school in Sweet Home. My mom taught at the high school. It was great to see pictures of "home".

I live a couple hours away now but have not taken my kids up for spring fishing at Foster yet. I should wedge that into one of the weekends soon.

Where is Hyak Park? And was the memorial forest Beezle or something like that? I see it every now and then when I come home from Corvallis "the back way" but have never stopped to explore.

Anyhow, that is a very wordy way to say, I love your pics and stories in your recent entries.

Cali3674, a fellow Scrapsharer.