Friday, February 13, 2009

Poor Savannah

Last night I went to the gym to pick Savannah and the other girls up. When got there, about an hour early to watch practice, she was curled up in a ball on the floor. I went to talk to her, she said her head hurt really bad. She had taken some Advil, but it was not helping. she went to walk into the office area where it would be quieter, and ended up running outside to throw up.

Called our friend Brooke, a nurse, and she recommended at trip to the ER. So off we went, Savannah with her head in a bucket, and in pain. Me driving as fast as I could from Salem to Albany to get her to Dr. Vanashe (seen him a few other times in the ER, and love his way of practicing medicine).

Got her there, still throwing up and in major pain, got her a CT scan, had to wait for medicine until they got the results. It came back normal, so they gave her a shot, but she was still throwing up so they gave her something for that. Finally left there around midnight.

She is home still, no school for her, though she was not happy about that. Hopefully when she wakes up she will feel better.

Dr. wants us to get her in for a check up, and keep an eye on her.

I am exhausted both mentally and emotionally. Along with sleep deprived, as I spent most of the AM worrying, and checking on her.

As I deal with migraines frequently, I feel so sorry for her. Dr thought that she was young to be having one. But she had a emotional day at school (girls are well....girls at this age). Plus she had been burning the candle at both ends for months now between school, gym, friends and babysitting. Glad we dont have a meet this weekend, she can just relax.

If you are inclined please send good thoughts and prayers her way.

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Karen said...

Many good wishes to her. My best friend's wife suffer terribly too. Terrible to watch and, I'm sure, worse to experience.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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