Saturday, December 6, 2008

Treasure and Joy

Borrowed and edited from a SS friend..............

I am a middle class American.

What that means is in the big picture of life I have wealth beyond measure.

I never go hungry.

I am able to control the climate in my home to keep our family comfortable.

I can afford good health care and I am blessed with great doctors.

My husband has a great job, and so do I. They are stable and provide great things for us.

I have a choice on how I educate my son & my daughter (how many girls in the world are not allowed to be educated).

We have not one, but two cars.

We have a nice home on a large lot.

I really like my husband as well as love him. He is so funny and supportive and very handsome.

We are all healthy.

I have great friends.

I spend money on scrapbooking, shopping & most anything because it is fun.

I have books. I can own them. I can borrow them. I can read what I want. I can talk about it.

Relative to the world population I am wealthy beyond measure.

I often think about why I was born into this instead of born into a family in India, or Africa or China or Iraq - why have I been given so much?

I have treasure and joy beyond measure!

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