Monday, June 23, 2008

Remember my worst fear.....

Well, it got worse this afternoon. Sometimes a mom just has a feeling.

When I got home from my girls weekend at the beach, I looked over Savannah's injury.

On Thursday, it looked like her ankle took the worst of it. So after 3 days of RICE, and no walking the ankle was yellow,green & blue. The swelling had went down, but still did not look normal. So we tried to get her to put some weight on it. She said it did not hurt when she stood on it, but it really hurt on the side of the foot.

I decided to call our DR this morning, and he wanted to see her this afternoon. So at 2:45 we arrived at the DR, of course he was on call, and had 3 broken bones, so was running 55 minutes late. We got in, he poked, hmmmm'd and decided he wanted to x-ray the side of her foot since that seemed to be where the pain was.

A fracture in the growth plate of her 5th Metatarsal (meaning her pinky bone, right before it joins the middle of her foot) ......... which ends up in a orthopedic boot cast for 4 weeks.

No swimming, no tumbling, no running= a VERY unhappy Savannah.

We have seen lots of tears today. Our friends from New Hampshire are coming next week, and since one of them was her coach, she really wanted to show her the progress she had made since they moved (3 years ago) and swim with Bri and Austin. Could be a long couple of weeks. But at least it is not a career or life ending injury.

Hopefully she will get it off in time for our vacation to the beach. I can't image that sand goes well with an orthopedic boot.


Karen said...

Now Ana and Savannah have matching shoes!! On the bright side, it gets you to the front of the line at Disneyland (if you're planning a trip!).

Michelle said...

Ouch. Your poor DD. Hopefully she'll be as good as new soon. :D

The Stopper Family said...

So sorry to hear about the injury. That is almost exactly the break I had 3 years ago.

When she gets out of the boot, you might want to explore a little physical therapy, not much. Turns out I was walking on the inside of my foot after my cast came off and didn't know it until I was forced to walk flat footed again. And I actually had to do exercises to be able to spread open my toes again - I couldn't when I first got the cast off. Turns out the muscles and bones are so interconnected in your foot!

Sorry she's going through this!