Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mom's worst fears....

As a mother of a gymnast, you dread a call from her coach, let alone a call from the head of the gym.

At 12:19 today, I got that call. The yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see the gym name on the caller ID hit me like a brick.

Kelsey called to let me know that Savannah was doing a back tuck on the floor, and landed on the side of her ankle. Savannah heard a snap, and crumbled to the ground.

So off to Urgent care we head, hoping there is no huge line and waiting. Evidently walking in carrying a 12 year old on your back, rushes you to the front of the line. She went straight to the room, and then straight to X-Ray.

They are 80% sure it is not broke. BUT with ankles they say it is hard to tell. The growth plate looks good, so we are doing RICE (Rest,Ice,Compression,& Elevation) for 5 days, then if it is not looking better back for more X-rays.

Savannah was so hoping it was NOT broke. She did not want to spend all summer in a cast. She loves to swim in our pool.

So summer is off with a bang.......let's home that is it for the year.


Karen said...

Ana's big 'snap' was a sprain. Now she is supposed to wear ankle braces anytime she does anything physical. Ankles have a way of not healing well and she now has TWO weak ankles that re-injure often.

Okay. You probably didn't want to hear that! Hope it's not broken.

Marlyn said...

Ouch...what is it with ankles in the newburn/crittenden families. Have our fingers crossed it recovers fast.
Give her a hug from us.
Mom & Dad