Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change is a comin'........maybe.

This fall I will be cutting down on daycare children. A few are going to 1st grade, another few to Kinder, and a few either are moving or have a change in situations.

I debated about just cutting back, tightening the purse strings and enjoying it a little more quiet.

But, today a friend told me about a job with her company which I know a few few people that work for. They have great flexibility, great hours, super casual attire (jeans/tshirts), and fair pay, not too far to drive, and best of all NO kids involved.

So after 15 years of sharing our home with my daycare children I just might be headed back into the work force. I sent in a resume today via email, and have an interview on Thursday.

Does the work puke mean anything. Because I so feel like it. Unsure of change, but sure I need on. My patience has been stretched thin this summer.


Rick said...

From a fellow Oregon blogger - have a happy fall.

(Just came over from Dawn's blog.)


Karen said...

I'm all for stayin' home WITHOUT the kids. A great gig, if you can swing it!