Sunday, February 3, 2008

Typical Sunday

Got up today around 9am, started cleaning the house with the family, worked on some laundry, got the Sunday newspaper and checked out the ads.

Finally showered around 11:30am, then Savannah and I headed to the store. Needed to go to Target, Fred Meyers, and Kohl's. Tyring to find a swimsuit for Savannah from Vegas trip, and because she has sprouted up the past 6 months or so, some new under garments. Boy, this is when I wished we lived in a bigger town. Not many stores to shop at.

Came home just before 2pm, got the food set up for the Super Bowl gathering.

Kick off just happened..............catch ya later! GO NY GIANTS!!

1 comment:

Karen said...

If she needs more swimsuits, we can go shopping Easter Sunday when you get here. Tons of great suits on the racks here.