Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ringing in 2008

2008 flew in, and what a great night it was! But how come as soon as a new year hits, the health care deductable is reset, and someone in our family needs something major done.

This year I guess I drew the short straw because Wednesday morning I ended up in the Emergency Room with a migrane from HELL! Ended up with more shots in my rear than I ever care to have again, and a lovely trip through the cat scan machine (on a great, not really, gurney ride that just added to the nausea, where do the learn how to drive those things??). Three days of sleep in a dark room, and I finally felt like I could move again without wanting to chop my head off.

Neurologist called in a new med to see if we could prevent them, but I have to tell you all. I so never want another one. Now I know that that is a big wish, but at least let them go back to the normal migranes that Imitrex and some great pain relievers take care of.

End of whine, but...........I so don't want to see that bill.........oh no.........we just paid off Aaron's back surgery!

Welcome 2008!

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