Monday, January 29, 2007

Playing nurse.....

I don't mind so much taking care of Aaron, I can give orders to lay down, take your pills, etc really well......its just that he does a few chores around the house that I HATE to do. That's really the kicker, I HATE taking out the garbage (so Aaron does it for me, what a sweet man). I really dislike taking the garbage can & recycling to the curb (so Aaron does it for me, again a sweet man). BUT being on crutches, he can't do it. Monday is garbage day, so last night I haulded it all out, all 4, yes FOUR, tubs of recycling, and the huge garbage can. I HATE garbage day!! OK, end of vent.

Aaron is doing good, still taking pain meds, walking with the help of crutches, though Dr. Shannon says no more as of today. Sleeping lots, so much I am beginning to think he is a bear in hibernation. :) He has watched tons of movies, including all Texas Chain Saw ones......yuck is all I have to say. I hope he feels better to go back to work soon, as he is laying on my clothes folding area (our bed) and laundry is backingup something terrible!

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Karen said...

Garbage and recycle to the curb? That's why God made sons!!!