Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Aaron's knee Part II

Well wether he likes it or not, surgery is scheduled for January 25th at noon. I am closing the daycare for the day (though not all parents are too happy about it, but my family comes first). They offered him either a local or general anestesia, he would of preferred to be totally knocked out, but is taking the general (spinal) over local. I told him that at least he was not having contractions and throwing up when they would be doing it so it should not be that hard. He agreed.

1 day prone, no activity, 1 week off work (that might kill me since I work from home), and 4 weeks on crutches. It should be a wonderfully happy month around here :) At least by soccer season he will be fine to coach, DR even said so!

Wish him luck!!

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