Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksving weekend..........

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year. It as just our family, Aaron's parents, Aaron's brother and Aaron's aunt/uncle. His cousin was going to come but he has four boys, and one of them was sick, so they stayed home. My kids wish they had more cousins, it was quiet, and there was no one to play with. Maybe one of these years, we will live closer to either of the families that acutally have children, but for now it is just us. Kinda low key, and lonely! Missed Carey and her green bean cassarole!!

BUT the day after shopping was GREAT!! Got up at 2:45am, met up with Amanda & Angie. Headed to Salem. Not a lot of rain. Only one small fender bender (not my fault and no damages) Got alot of the shopping done. Nieces, Nephews, our kids, and MIL done. Just have to get niece/nephews in the mail now, that always seems to be the hard part. Got home around 3:30pm, took babysitter home (Aaron got invited to the Civil War game, and there was no way I was missing shopping....WOO HOO Beavers won!!)

Saturday morning, we took the kids to thier Grandparents for an overniter. We drove to Portland, stayed at the Embassy Suites, ran around downtown, had a great lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, shopped, drank, and relaxed. It was the first time we had really been away for a weekend without them, and we will be doing it again!

It was a great long weekend. Now we head on to the crazy holiday season.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!

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Jess said...

We missed you guys! It was really nice to have Mom and Dad out, but yes, very quiet.

HUGS to you all!