Monday, November 6, 2006

Savannahs earns a trophy!

Savannah had meet this past weekend, in Roseburg. First off, it is one NASTY drive, in the rain, with all the Beaver and Duck fans wanting to get to their games. It took us 12 hours, from home to meet and back home. It was a L O N G day!

BUT it was well worth it. Savannah scores a outstanding 9.45 on the vault, and won 3rd place All-Around. She was excited to finally win a trophy! Great job sis!!

Sorry for the CRAPPY picture. This was held in the old courthouse, with crappy lighting, and she was clear across the gym.

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Karen said...

Bad lighting and all, she looks FANTASTIC with that trophy. Congrats, Savannah!! Keep up the hard work.

Auntie Karen