Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Soccer

Dominick is playing soccer for the MVSC this season.......they are the Scorpions (U12 level team)

They have played 4 games, WON 3, Lost 1..........even though the other team agreed that the game they lost had one sided ref'ing. They only lost by 1 point, and they should of scored 3 other goals that the ref deemed illegal......pooey! They are kicking some hiney! (They only won 2 games all last fall, so they are pretty happy!)

Dominick scored a goal in both game 2 and 3. He is happy with his new position, no longer a defender all the game, he gets to play forward and defender this season!



Marlyn said...

Go Dominick Go.

Marlyn said...

Go Dominick Go.....
like your hair cut.