Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Borrowed once again from Cowtown Stacy....

You’re supposed to think of a word for each category that begins with the first letter of your first name. But I’m adding a spin to it: keep it current & relevant to your life if possible :)

Famous singer/band: Panic! at the Disco
4 letter word: Ping
Color: Perwinkle
Street: Pacfic Blvd (where more things are in our town)
Gifts: Perfume (Beautiful from the kids for mother's day)
Vehicle: Perfect 2005 Tahoe (That I LOVE!!)
Things in a souvenier shop: Postcards
Boy’s name: Patrick (my brother in law)
Girls name: Phoebe (name I love)
Movie title: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (though I didnt like #1, so I dont want to see 2 or 3)
Drink: Pepper............Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper to be exact
Occupation: Provider (childcare)
Flower: Pansy (picutres in my bedroom)
Celebrity: Patrick Dempsey
Magazine: People
US city: Portland (where I saw Rascal Flatts in concert!!)
Pro sports team: Portland Winterhawks (Ice Hockey)
Fruit: Pineapple
Reason for being late to work: Procratinated on getting up
Something you throw away: Poopy diapers
Things you shout: “Please quiet down in the house!” -told to the daycare daily.
Cartoon character: Patrick from Sponge Bob


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Karen said...

I can't do this one. My name starts with "k" which is only slightly more difficult than "P" but I'm impressed with your answers. Maybe if my name were Suzy...